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The Education Committee will hold the first evidence session in its inquiry following up on its 2012 report Great Teachers: Attracting, training and retaining the best, on Wednesday 17 July. The session will focus chiefly on proposals for a college of teaching. The session will be streamed online.


At 9.30am

  • Chris Pope, Co-Director, Prince’s Teaching Institute
  • Professor Derek Bell, Professor of Education, The College of Teachers
  • Lesley Saunders, Educationist, Visiting Professor, IOE
  • NASUWT-Witness to be confirmed

At 10.30am

  • Peter Kent, Headteacher, Lawrence Sherriff School
  • Anne Swift, Headteacher, Gladstone Road Infant School, Scarborough
  • Dame Joan McVittie, Headteacher, Woodside High School
  • David Weston, Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust






The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) produce an excellent monthly On the Web current awareness publication which highlights recent reports, publications and useful documents from prominent educational research and children’s services-related organisations.

Have a look at the  June issue, back issues can be found on their website

 If you want to be alerted by email when new issues are available subscribe to their email update, nferdirect, and tick the On the Web box at the bottom of the form.

New funding for primary school sport has been announced by the Department for Education.

Have a look at the articles about this in the Guardian, BBC , Independent,  the Guardian comments section and the responses from the Youth Sports Trust and the Association for Physical Education.

Last week the Department for Education published a paper by Dr. Ben Goldacre on evidence-based practice in education. Goldacre is an advocate of randomised control trials to investigate the impact of interventions.

Goldacre, B. (2013) Building evidence into education.

The paper can be downloaded from the Department of Education’s website. Have a look at the Bad Science blog and at article and discussion on the Guardian’s website.



What kids are reading written by Professor Keith Topping of Dundee University. The report examines the book-reading habits of more than 300,144 students from Years 1-11 in over 1,605 UK schools.

Get the story straight.  New research at the University of Sussex shows that children who demand the same story to be read to them over and over again may be learning more than those who get a different story every time. Horst, J. S., Parsons, K. L. and Bryan, N. M. (2011) ‘Get the story straight: contextual repetition promotes word learning from storybooks’, Frontiers in Psychology, 2. [Online]


Reading and maths skills at age 10 and earnings in later life: a brief analysis using the British Cohort Study   New research published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies  finds that children with strong maths skills at age 10 earn significantly more in their 30s than an otherwise identical child who achieves a middle ranking reading score.


Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe 2012  The report includes a chapter on literacy by Professor Margaret M. Clark, `Literacies in a changing world: What is the evidence?`

Summer born children

In-school ability grouping and the month of birth effect: Preliminary evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study  the latest working paper  from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of Education shows that the youngest children in a school year are far more likely to be placed in the lowest ability groups than autumn-born pupils.

The winners of the Blue Peter Book Awards for 2013 were announced live on Blue Peter yesterday. There were two prizes:

The shortlist was selected by a panel of judges including authors Caitlin Moran and  Cressida Cowell, librarian  Jake Hope and Blue Peter editor Tim Levell. Over 300 young people from a  selection of schools across the UK and Ireland then voted for the winners.  Both of the winning books are published by Scholastic.